Friday, 24 October 2008

Group Situation

Being in the group with hearing aids is difficult to hear what was being said. I was in the restaurant the other day and it was very posh. The ceiling were so high. I got a little worry there as I wasn't expected the ceiling to be glass and so high up. You could imagine the sound would bounced around the room so often its produced echo. This to me sound like being in the swimming pool. I used to walk around the pool to see what sound that i would be missing out before I take my hearing aids off to go swimming.

I tried to set my hearing aids to cut off the background but its failed to pick up what people were saying as they were so quiet. I wasn't sure if it just me or were people were speaking quiet so other tables won't hear their conversation. That was something I have picked up while working in a office. People tend to speak very quietly when they don't want anyone else to hear them... I would constantly said "sorry, but could you speak up?"

In the group situation, its never easy. I would be quite happy taking pictures than sitting at the table wondering what I have missed out. Even lipsreading doesn't work.
But in this situation, it is much easier to say nothing at all. Just incase, I would get it wrong and its too much an effort for other to explain to me what was being said. Many people like me would understand and have been through this many many time and they tend to avoid going out so they won't feel puzzled, left out while their friends or family are enjoying themselves. Or that these people tell me that they would tell me later but they do often forget to explain what was happened or only give the summary but not quite as funny as it first came out. There isn't much anyone can do about that. But I have been told by having the implant, this situation have been improved. Using the implant to enable to hear what was being said in the noisy places and be on a same page as everyone else. This is great news. This will take a lot of practices!

I am not too sure about meeting people who only just been told that I have hearing loss and they automatic go hi and then talk to someone else. Meaning they are avoiding to talk to me. Usually I meet people and never tell them that I have a hearing loss. I rather people just talk to me and figure it out themselves. It usually work. Some people are narrow mind or dunno what to do. Just treat us like human. We are no different.