Saturday, 19 December 2009

New Manda

I have learned my mistakes and I willing to move on to a better life. I am sorting out few bits and bobs. If I have lost some friends along the way then I am sorry for whatever the reason that may be. It have been a tough year. A very confusing year I must say.

I'm glad that I got to travel and meet new people. A chance to improve my photography and a way to promote myself to others who may be interesting. I'm glad that I got to meet somewhat a family that I did not know exist. They have welcome me into their family and they have invited me to come along for Xmas.

Here me, after my trip in New Zealand, I have calmed down and thinking things more. I am gonna choose things very carefully on what I will do next.

Whatever you choose, choose life. Seek the challenge and never give up.

New Manda is back in town and she will fight back!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Last 4 months - nightmare with cochlear implant

I find myself annoyed of what had happened in the last four months and after I have thought about it further, I realised there isn;t much that I could have done. All the stress, moving around UK, breaking up relationship and in new relationship within 4 months. I must be going crazy at the time. Believe you me, I wasn't exact the best person to discuss about life changing, new plan and all that. I was questioning myself what's the hell am I doing?

The last four months, I was stress enough that I lost my hearing through my cochlear implant by 70% from 20db to 90db. You would have thought after 6 months since the switch on I would be doing so well. So did I! I have lost count visiting the Cochlear implant clinic trying to fix this problem. During this time, I was breaking up with a guy who I felt like I was treating him like a friend rather than a lover. There was no argument. Just confusing. At least we are still friends as we were before we were in a relationship together.

Anyway, while I was having problem with my implant and trying to find a place to stay, I was offered to come to New Zealand to help out my cousin with photography studio. I knew New Zealand was on the card for few months but I was kinda hoping to sort out my life before going there. Never mind, its just meant to be.

So I went to New Zealand for a while. Got to do a lot of studio photography which was great, great view of Auckland while walking along the prom. I had a lot to think about to change my future.