Saturday, 19 December 2009

New Manda

I have learned my mistakes and I willing to move on to a better life. I am sorting out few bits and bobs. If I have lost some friends along the way then I am sorry for whatever the reason that may be. It have been a tough year. A very confusing year I must say.

I'm glad that I got to travel and meet new people. A chance to improve my photography and a way to promote myself to others who may be interesting. I'm glad that I got to meet somewhat a family that I did not know exist. They have welcome me into their family and they have invited me to come along for Xmas.

Here me, after my trip in New Zealand, I have calmed down and thinking things more. I am gonna choose things very carefully on what I will do next.

Whatever you choose, choose life. Seek the challenge and never give up.

New Manda is back in town and she will fight back!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Last 4 months - nightmare with cochlear implant

I find myself annoyed of what had happened in the last four months and after I have thought about it further, I realised there isn;t much that I could have done. All the stress, moving around UK, breaking up relationship and in new relationship within 4 months. I must be going crazy at the time. Believe you me, I wasn't exact the best person to discuss about life changing, new plan and all that. I was questioning myself what's the hell am I doing?

The last four months, I was stress enough that I lost my hearing through my cochlear implant by 70% from 20db to 90db. You would have thought after 6 months since the switch on I would be doing so well. So did I! I have lost count visiting the Cochlear implant clinic trying to fix this problem. During this time, I was breaking up with a guy who I felt like I was treating him like a friend rather than a lover. There was no argument. Just confusing. At least we are still friends as we were before we were in a relationship together.

Anyway, while I was having problem with my implant and trying to find a place to stay, I was offered to come to New Zealand to help out my cousin with photography studio. I knew New Zealand was on the card for few months but I was kinda hoping to sort out my life before going there. Never mind, its just meant to be.

So I went to New Zealand for a while. Got to do a lot of studio photography which was great, great view of Auckland while walking along the prom. I had a lot to think about to change my future.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Is there anyone who have Advanced Bionic in Auckland???

I am writing this blog wondering to myself - Is there anyone in Auckland have an Advanced Bionic cochlear implant? Am I the only one here? Ok I have been in Auckland for over a week now and have been busy setting up a photography studio for my cousin. Now that I am getting to know my cousins properly, I can't help wondering about the support that I may need incase I would have some problem with my implant.

New Zealand and Australia do have cochlear implant center but they only promote Nucleus Freedom. I find this very interesting because of our technology these days should be up to date. We have ipod, car, internet services and so on. So why not different brands?

A month ago, I had some problem with my implant. Four days after my 9th months tuning, I lost all my low frequency by 70% and could no longer understand what people were saying. I was still getting used to high frequencies which I haven't heard for 26 years so without the low frequencies I am lost.

Staff at the centre believed that I may have been stressed or ill. Of course I was stressed. I worry about lot of things. People were booking me for their wedding day and had to cancel due to losing their job. Not easy trying to find the next pay day. Another thing was moving to new location until I know where I would like to stay. I could move anywhere in the world could I?

Now that I am in New Zealand, doing some soul searching, wondering what I can do to support the cochlear implant center to improve their services and technology using my photography skill. Here me thinking..... I am an Advanced Bionic user and I can help Advanced Bionic to promote themselves to New Zealand.

My question to people out there........ do you want more than one choices on which cochlear implant brand to have? Please get in touch and I'll shall see what I can do for you.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Flying abroad - Hearing aids V Cochlear implant

This is something that most of us have been wondering what to do when going to the airport. Most of us have some frustrating time when going to the airport or the lack of entertainment on the flight. I was thinking about how I have compared hearing aids and cochlear implant. How are they any difference to each other? I decided to look back to my upbringing being a hearing user and often go abroad every now and then. I have now able to say that I have experience the journey with cochlear implant for the first time. Of course, the first time is nerve wrecking as the thought of having metal head is going to set off the security. Will it damage our programs? Will it hurt? Will we be arrested for having a microchip in our head that may hold important information to terrorist? Ok I may go over the top on the last bit but this could happen in the future!!

Anyway, I have been going through some notes to compare which device is useful in certain areas.

Checking in – to inform the cabin staff to be aware of hearing impaired abroad.

Most people know what hearing aids are and they can be visual able to other depend on amount of hair you have and how you wear them.

Cochlear implant - this is still new to some people who may not seen or heard of it. Although, the staff at the airport, have been trained to know what the cochlear implant are and what to do when there is any problem.

Security department –

Hearing aids - no need to worry about going through the security door. Some hearing aids do set off the beep

Cochlear implant – must have ID to show that you have cochlear implant. Some people have advised me to show the Id and take off the implant to show them to make them aware. But I found its best to show the card and not take off the processor, as I may need to hear what was going on. Especially when travelling alone.
Once showed the ID, you would go around the door and get body search by the staff.

In-flight entertainment – Some planes don’t provide closed caption for popular movie in English but they do provide subtitles for foreign films. I was on Emirates and I was impressed with choices!

Hearing aids - unable to use own headphone (shoe and lead to connect to in-flight headphone plug) unable to hear through the headphone. Painful ear aches due to ear mould. Had to take off the hearing aids to ease the pain. Everything sounds very loud. With no subtitles on movies, it’s easy to get bored so bring book!

Cochlear implant - able to use the headphone the plane provided, no pain in ears. Can feel the air pressure! Staff able to hear me at reasonable level. (with hearing aids I thought it was loud but I always speak quietly when it’s loud)

Long haul journey, rechargeable battery – take spare with you at all time and save power when not in use.

Its really interesting to see the difference!

By the way, I am in Dubai while waiting for the next flight to Auckland.

Happy reading while I am flying!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Difficult times

Here I am sitting here in the office wondering to myself - what am I doing? Many questions running through my head trying to decide what to do with my life. I can not sit here and wondering away. I have to make decision somehow.

In the last few months, I felt that nothing was gonna happen but the hole underneath me were getting bigger. Day by day, I struggled to climb up. I have many doors and I had no idea which to take. Ever felt like you will have to hold back and wait and see which door will shine the light, ready for you to take the step forward? I am still waiting for that.

It doesn't matter if it related to hearing new sound, or trying to find a job, new life, it could be anything.

My hearing have been better and there were times I wasn't too sure coz I was hearing too much of the high pitches again so went to the C.I centre to solve this problem. We got it fixed and few weeks later, my low pitches fade away (again) making the high pitches louder again. The sound of someone having their glasses in their hand and flick it while talking. That noise is very annoying! But it was not suppose to be loud. Even the sound of the running water is loud again.

I am due to my 9th months in a week and I hope we will figure out why this happen too often.

I was able to use the mobile phone for an hour but still feel like I need more practice with other people. I will test this with few people that I have in mind. I bet they will get the shock.

Going back to what I was saying about waiting for the door to shine it light for me to decide which to use. I have to say that most of the time in the past, I was told to go for it whatever the reason is. In this case..... I can't do that. I am moving out again and probably will move around wherever I will go. Its not the question of when I would settle down, its more to do.... will I be happy to have this kind of life?

There are many choices. Jobs, projects, social life, taking up sport again, a chance to go abroad again and see if my photography will wow these people. I should hope so.

I am sorry that I have not been keeping the blog up to date. It have been very hard lately. I will be moving to another friend who have cochlear implant and I am sure looking forward what will bring. I will soon have more time to write on the blog. I will be doing more work in Ear Foundation and Advanced Bionic before I take up New Zealand. yes New Zealand. Exciting I know.

Let hope things will get better.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

AEGphotos photography Services

Some of you are wondering what kind of service my business, AEGphotos, provide. Well, I am happy to show you what I can do. Here are the sample:






If you are looking to capture your special moments, birthday party or any kind of photography, please contact me at

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ear Foundation Newsletter

The Ear Foundation's Newsletter have finally came out and after all this time I have been working together with them, helping each others to raise the funds for the charity as well using my services in Photography. The beginning of my career have only just began!

Please click on the image to enlarge.

You can see more images of the Sound inspiring at
Now you seen my advert and I meant what I said about giving donation to deaf charity. If you know anyone who would like subtitles on your wedding, home video, etc then get in touch.

Email Manda at

Friday, 12 June 2009

Drive thru test

Last night I went out to Southampton to go to the movie to see Terminator 4 with my mate, Charlotte. I arrived at the train station, waiting for her to meet me and get to the cinema together. I thought we would not have time to get some food before we head off to cinema. Charlotte arrived in her car. She must have read my mind somehow thinking we may not get there on time by foot. So she drove along on the way to the cinema, we spotted the Mcdonald. I told her to go in there. I know Mcdonald is not healthy but its just a quick fix.

For many years, I won't have dream on going through the drive thru as I was always nervous about whether people would understand me. Not that I have a poor speech just that I often speak quiet or not pronouncing the word properly. I was used to go into the building and ordered over the counter. Face to face was the easy thing to do. It make sense for everyone who have the same problem as me.

We were short of time and we looked at each others deciding what to do. Over the counter or drive thru?

We decided to go drive thru. yay I heard you applauding me! Charlotte was in the driver seat and I was at the passengar side. As we drove up the til, roll down the window. The staff automatic look at the driver to get the order. I had to lean over for the staff to see me so he would know that I am the one who is taking the order. I gave him my order and he asked me if I want it medium or large. I answered medium (who would want to eat large!!) Giving the order and answering the questions was very quick. But did they get the order right? Surely enough they did!

So why was it in the past that I always get the wrong type of food or drink and now get everything spot on? Was it the fact my speech have improved?

It was pretty nice not to be nervous anymore. I know me mam tried to do it with me at one drive thru that have intercom. I think I panic on that and end up messing up the order so me mam had to take over. Will I be able to do this myself in future? Sure, why not?

By the way, we went to see Terminator 4 and we thought it was quite good as it make sense fitting the stories to Tr1, Tr2 and Tr3 althogether. Don't worry about some gap of the story, just use your imagination. Isn't that what a movie or a story is all about?

Use your imagination. be creative!

How do you find me?

As I have been looking at my google analtyics latest, I cannot help but laugh at what keywords that people have found me via google search.

Who on earth would type this and find my blog with these keywords:

1) neville the meerkat
2) meerkat wedding
3) the meerkats subtitulos
4) cochlear meerkat blogspot

Now come on then, step forward and show who you are.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hey Guys and Gals,

While I was in Manchester, trying to decide whether I should go for the cochlear implant, I contacted Steven Gunn through Contact Network. We met up and discussed about how his brand, Advanced Bionic work. Not wanting to take his word for it, he introduced me to the Manchester Cochlear Implant group for BBQ. There were quite handful of people who have 3 different types of cochlear Implant. This help me decide whether I should go for the cochlear implant myself. Later in the year, just when I just had my surgery, they invited me to come along and take some pictures of their Christmas lunch. One of the members contacted me after viewing the pictures that I took for the group, she asked if I would be interested to be part of the Newsletter about myself and my business. I was delighted to be take part and hope this will reach out to people who would be interesting, not only the cochlear implant but the new found service of subtitles that I do in my business.

So here is it.
Written by me and published in Resound Newsletter.

Please click on the image to enlarge. (won't want you to struggle to read!)

If you are in Manchester or NorthWest area and would like to join / meet the other people who have experience with Cochlear Implant please click on this link. You can find the PDF file of all previously newsletters. I hope you will find them useful.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

6th Months after the switch on

6th Months after the switch on

For those who have been waiting to hear about my 6th months review. It have been an interesting 3 months since I last had my tuning in Manchester in March. I had a lot of trouble with transferring from Manchester to Southampton as I was moving down south with Giles. Although I did noticed that my low pitches were a bit down and tried to contacted the Southampton to arrange an appointment but Manchester did not send the transfer form to them. I did not know why but I went to complain to Manchester and demand that they would get this fixed out. Thankfully, they have sent the disc to Southampton and arranged an appointment for my 6th months reviewing.

Anyway, after I have looked at the hearing graph and compared the previous graphs. I was right. My low pitches have fainted away. I was a little disappointed with this as I was trying to get this fixed out before my 6th month review but what can I do? Anyway this is my result.

The tests was interesting enough and I was amazed that my lipreading skill and listening together have improved up to 81% from 76%and non lipreading 7 listening have increased 64% from 52% and noisey background which I have not done before is 32% . In all these tests, I was listening for the words and context for me to be able to follow what was being said. It was kinda different from Manchester because I was in a room by myself looking at the window but could not see through it as it was black. A person could see me from another room. It was kinda scary. I was to listen to the sentences and repeat them all as much as I can. Few of them I couldn't understand but I said what I think it was being said.

I was told that my next appointment will be in 6 months. I don't think so!!! I will notice my low pitch will decreased again like it did at the beginning and I will get that sound level nice and smooth. I will get this fixed out.

It is really dificult to know what is the loudest of a single beep even though I knew the difference between the low and high pitch. But what is the loudest? The staff said that I would find it like a headaches. I think I need to contact the clinic again and get this sort out. I was there for over 2hrs and I was shattered to be bother to do more tests. I will let you know how I got on.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Meerkat has gone camping

Meerkat has gone camping in the countryside somewhere far, far away in the galaxy. I had no idea where I went to but I didn't care as long as I would enjoy myself. The weather forecast was a bit unsettle but then camping was all about "come rain or shine" Just let it be. So Meerkat went camping for two nights. As Giles and I prepared to put our tent up, all I could hear was this tweet tweet and chirping all day long. There were some other kind of sounds such as traffic, wind blowing, trees creaked, people walking or children laughter in the background. There wasn't many children while we were there but I have seen them playing about on their bikes.

Anyway, the new sound that I have came across. I was quite amazed that I heard this. I know I went camping for many years. I used to be the only Brownies in Scout cub (Back in the day, girls were not allow in Scout) Mucking about in the rain, singing at the campfire, doing games and so on. How I missed camping!

Well do you wanna know what I haven't heard before? Oh ok I'll tell you. ya know how people always said back in the days that they could tell how they knew the kettle have been boiled by some kind of whistle. Well, for the first time ever I actually got to hear it. I couldn't hear the water bubbling like I used to but that may be to do with my low pitches need tuning again. Isn't amazing that I could hear the kettle being boiled without the need of looking at the lights or switch? But of course you couldn't take the electric kettle to camping could you? This is a nice change for me. :D

Here are some pics from our camping weekend:

Happy Camping from the Meerkat and Mr Shirty!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Using phone with Cochlear Implant

Everyone is always asking how a person with a hearing loss will be able to use the telephone. Just that little word that scared the life out of us. "Would you phone a taxi? " "Phone? me? phone someone?" No way. Its impossible. I have been profoundly deaf most of my life and I relied on lipsreading. Never mind trying to listen to someone without lipsreading. How would I manage that?

For many years, I've managed to avoid using the phone and get someone to speak on my behalf but these days, noone would speak to that person on my behalf anymore for data protection legal reason. Me mam used to call the bank in the past and we had a lot of trouble to get someone to provide us a service we required.

Time went by and technology have improved. I have discovered this amazing product which its prefect for anyone who have hearing aids or cochlear implant. Any Brands! Advanced Bionic, Freedom or Med-le. Its work! All you have to do change your setting to T coil (loop system)

This product is called Geemarc Bluehook and it work just like any bluetooth we have seen everyday. Bluetooth ear peice we have seen driver who use it as handfree to have conversation via mobile phone. Like Bluetooth, this product can be use with mobile phone without attaching the wire to the phone. You set up your mobile phone to paired the bluehook together and you can use it forever as long you have the power switched on. You can also use it with computer/laptop. This idea came along to stop people using the direct lead to the computer that is plugged in to the main power and to avoid an electric shock. Get this product for around £50 at this website

So far, I have contacted my partner, me mam and friends, for ten minutes each. So each time with practice, I would improved myself to listen and learn how we communicate on the phone. I use this quite a lot and never went anywhere without it so I won't be out of reach incase anyone need to get in touch. Phone call is actually a lot quicker than typing sms. I use it to listen to music on my imac and noone else could hear what I am listening to. Great, eh?

Katie - Louise Bailey isn't confident on using the phone so I let her to try out my bluehook and see if she can have conversation while on the phone. I was using this to distracted her while I was taking pictures of her. I hope she will be growing with confident to be able to contact anyone with this.

At present, I am doing a project to promote Advanced Bionic in our everyday life and what we can hear, use, sport or music and whatever age we are. I want to photograph you. Please contact me to model for me.
Here are the rest of the images that I have done so far.

AEGphotos is supported by Prince's Trust and Ear Foundation

Friday, 24 April 2009

Music through Cochlear implant

I know I love to talk about music and I have noticed this have been the top topic for people who are interesting what music would sound like through cochlear implant. Well after 4 months since the switch on, I can honestly tell you that the sound quality is getting better. I may not hear the best of a woman singer in high pitch any clearer but I have been force to listening to music without lyrics to follow the rhythm. The more that I would listen to the high pitch the better the sound quality will be. The brain needs to learn to get the rhythm perfectly. I wonder how long that will happen to me.

Recently I have been attending to the music concert for the Deaf held by the Ear Foundation sponsor by the Advanced Bionic. I was doing a job for them to capture the event. Some of the musicians are either: - deaf, deaf and blind as well hearing. They came to show people that they could play the music no matter what their disabilities are. We had a deaf and blind person, Russ Palmer, playing the piano and guitar. He undergoes an operation for cochlear implant in 2004 and carrying on with his music fearing he would lose the sound quality. For 5 years, he had been developing his singing tracks and his music so he could fulfill his musical ambition to hear and experience new sounds, as well to perform as a musical artist. I was amazed on how he played on stage. It was such a nice flowing gently rhythm.

(Russ Palmer)

Other deaf players are the band, The Deafness, from Mary Hare School. Mary Hare School is one of the well-known schools for the deaf in UK. I do not know much about the School myself, as I have never went to a Deaf school. The Deafness, were all played by deaf musicians playing, drum, bass, singer and backup singer. They have performance at the Royal Albert Hall, which was highly recommended in public by Ed Balls. They have also performed at the National School prom, Paul Weller, Sugergrass and Kate Tunstall. I wish them much luck for their successes.

The other musician is a hearing person who plays a flute. I am not trying to offend anyone but I do find it sound awful to me. I know its very high pitch and its sound to me as if it screaming my head out waiting to be exploded. Maybe it was out of tune? How do I know if its out of tune? Maybe its because my hearing range have not yet reach it level, maybe that I am not the only one who can’t stand the sound of the flute.

If you know any nice sample of what flute should sound, can you send me a link?

At least we know who is following my step! Cheers Katie!

Am I hearing right?

Do you ever wonder if you are hearing right or that when you have a little doubt that you may be missing out some sound that you once heard it before?

Whether you have recently lost your hearing or you just have cochlear implant, it is always useful to get yourself check out to make sure you are not missing out much. It might be because your device is slowing down that need repair or that you are not feeling ill, tired and often find people repeating the same sentence back to you. I may wear the cochlear implant after wearing them for 4 months and I still get people repeating themselves to me even though I heard them first time. Without getting myself annoyed, I often remind them that they repeat themselves how many times they have said it. Although, I have discovered that it will not make any difference. They still do it!

Maybe I was giving them a blank look without knowing what to say back and people often have to repeat themselves. Me mam often told me that I do that but how else do I respond???

Any advise anyone?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

3 months on from the 1st switch on

I was meant to update my blog lately but March was an extremely busy month for me due to having to work many weddings and packing my stuff for moving houses. Let just go back to the day that I went for the 3rd month review.

My third month review went surprising well. I came in early as usual and went in to have my hearing therapy for them to see how I am coping with the general sound we hear everyday such as able to following a person reading out a book, repeating word after word, tell a different in pronouncing a word and to test my skill on the telephone. I may not be confidence on using the telephone but I gave a shot. Karen the hearing therapy staff told me she would said in context of time, day and a restaurant which could be anything. If I did not hear some of the word, she taught me to think step backward to find a way to get that person to repeat in different way.

This is an example:

Karen: Hi Amanda, Its Karen,
Amanda: Hi Karen, How are you?
Karen: I’m fine thanks and how are you?
Amanda: I’m fine, what are you up to?
Karen: I am thinking if we could go out for lunch this Tuesday at half 12, are you free?
Amanda: Lunch? This Tuesday? Yea sure! Where shall we go?
Karen: How about Pizza Express?
Amanda: I heard the Pizza but I’m not sure what you said the last bit. Its deffo not Hut though. Could you repeat that for me please?
Karen: Pizza Express
Amanda: No I am deffo not hearing what I think you are saying. Can I ask if it’s near the bus station?
Karen: Yes it’s near the bus station. Would you like me to meet you at the bus station?
Amanda: That would be great. I will see you there at 12.15pm is that ok?
Karen: That’s fine. See ya
Amanda: Bye

That was the end of our telephone test. I was surprised that I could actually following the conversation but that is just the beginning. I wonder if I would be able to follow the conversation without knowing what people would say. This would be a real test.

Then we went on to do the beeping sound and see if I respond as soon the beeps come.

Now that you can see how much things have improved. The average human hearing is between 0 dbl to 20 dbl. The Cochlear implant only programmed to reach up to 20dbl, which it’s pretty good in today technology. I am sure in future these will improve.

Lipreading and non-lipreading test is also part of the test. We used TV screen to watch a person and lip-read them to see how many words we can get. And for non lip reading, the TV screen is blank so we won’t cheat.
These are my result:

Lipreading test:
3 days after implant: 42%
3 months: 76%

Non-lipreading test:
3 days after implant: 6%
3 months: 52%

I’m really impressed that my non-lipreading has improved a lot and I am able to have conversation with people who I am familiar with, across the room without lipreading.

Friday, 27 February 2009


For many years, while in school I have dislike using the microphone because of the way the teacher wear them around their neck. The microphone would then be rubbed against their clothes causing the static sound and the sound of the teacher breathing.... just make me want to throw the microphone away. If I ever been asked by a teacher of the deaf to see if I was using the microphone.. I simple take the microphone with me but they were never been switched on. Who would want to hear someone breathing down your ears? or the sound of static and miss out what was been said? Deffo not me.
Anyway, few years go by and technology have improved. I came across this product, iCom, through Ear Foundation in Nottingham by a guy who works in Phonak. A company that design most of the devices that hearing impaired relied on. A new hearing aid, colour on the moulds, sound quailty on the telephone, microphone and so on. I quite like the name of iCom as its quite close to Apple Mac brand name, but that's not the real reason why I like it. iCom was build for the hearing aids user but since there are many cochlear implantes, they adapted the technology to be able to work together no matter what devices we have. Hearing aids or cochlear implant and other devices. Here I will explain why this is a fanstasic product.

What does it do?
iCom is a product that we called a FM System wireless microphone using the latest technology. The microphone bit is a little stick where it can be hang on a person's neck speaking through the mircophone as if in a class or in seminar or it can be place on the table such as in cafe and want to cut down the background to hear the small group of people. Its wireless and it can even talk to pick up tranmitter on a bluetooth.

setting it up....

I have a Harmony, Advanced Bionic product so I would need an hook called iConnect ( another Apple mac brand name... Why am I so proud of this? hee hee) In this picture, you will see the iConnect hook that required a yellow (size 10) battery into it and a MicroLink FM receiver. This Microlink FM receiver is the most important pieces of product that transfer the information from the microphone. As pictures below, you can see I have connected the FM receiver to the iConnect hook to the processor. Once switched on, The microphone need to be in the right channel for the FM receiver to pick up the right microphone otherwise you might have another FM user in the event and you end up hearing different conversation. Please see Hearcare to set up this channel for you.

How does it work?
Basically the microLink FM receiver pick up the information through the microphone based on the channel I can use. There are many way to set it up but I would rather keep it simple as I have only been using it for few days. My channel were on number 2 and when a person was talking through the microphone I could hear him/her. There are three different levels of noises that I could cut down to focus on that specific person depend on the noisy background.

Level one is general surrounding and not so nosiy but comfortable. This is ideally for meeting board room with group of people around the table and maybe no background noise available.

Level two is zoom. A zoom is ideally for being in a cafe with small group of people on your table, chatting with you. Or you could even use this while you are driving in the car and a passenger next to you wear the microphone. You could drive your car without even tempt to look at your passenger to lipread what they said. Old habit may never die but this could be very dangerous if you tempt to lipsread your passenger! Please drive with care! I find this task was brilliant. I was able to have conversation without lipsreading although can be quite tiring if on a long trip.

Level three is super zoom. Ideally for a very nosiy background and want to focus on one person you want to listen to.

iCom can also been use to listen to the televison by placing the mic near it. It can even been used for landline telephone or even better..... using a mobile phone based on bluetooth. Everyone have a bluetooth technology on their mobile phone and this would mean we would be uptodate with everyone else. We don't need to buy an adapter to the mobile phone. Just Wireless.

You can even get an adapter for your ipod as long it ha ve bluetooth adapter and connect to your ipod. This won't cost much. You can find the adapter such as Jabra Music adapter at this link
This is what I am hoping to get for my iShuffle ipod.

I have recently went to NEC, Focus Imaging which its all about photography, suppliers, seminars and equipments. I thought I would test out the FM System wireless Mic out and see how I got on. I must said that I was impressed on how much that I could control the sound of the background and focus who I want to hear the most. Even at the seminar, a guy who presented the seminar had a microphone to the public, I simply place my wireless mic on my lap pointing at him. He was very clear and there were no static sound, no breathing and the background nosie were non- exist.

Coming from a person who can not stand having a microphone because of the static sound, I must said that I am very impressed with this. I have yet to try out the mobile phone and the music adapter.

If you wish to find out more information about this product please click on this link