Monday, 19 January 2009

Hearing speeches through C.I

Hearing speeches through the cochlear implant after a month do sound a little strange if not practice speeches with anyone. A little confidence do go a long way. I was happy that I finally get to see my family again over the weekend so I was told to go to Fylde to meet me mam as she was coming to stay at her friend's place. I took the train and was hearing all sort of sounds that I never knew it was suppose to happen. The sound of the trains door making beeping noises. I remember constantly pressing the button to get out but the button won't be active until the beep. Ah well. Now I know!

Anyway, got to see me mam and her friend, then we got talking all evening. The more I talk and the more I listen to people voices. Although I can't tell the difference of the tones yet as they all sound the same at the moment. A bit rubbish that! I knew me mam's voice is deep but I was not hearing it in the way that I knew of. I guess the wide of tones will come in time.

I asked me mam to do this test that we used to do as part of my training to pronounce the words better. Something fun but clever. This test really do help me speak better as time come.

Betty boughts a bit of butter,
But she found the butter bitter,
So she boughts a better butter,
To make a bitter butter better.

I had to said it faster and faster until I was confidence enough to know that I have said it right and clearly. Believe me its work! Please try out few rhymes.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper,
A peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper Pickled,
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper
Where's the peck of pickled pepper Peter Piper picked?

Here is another from Elvis Presley's lyric in Queenie Wahine

Queenie Wahine's Papaya rates higher than pineapple, pumpkin or poy
Please pick her papaya put Queenie Wahine in perfect perpetual joy
'Though some people's palates prefer pickled salads
For pudding pick popcorn peach pie
Oh Queenie's papaya you'll truly desire
When that Queenie Wahine passes by

Let me know how'd you get on! :D

Thursday, 15 January 2009

One Month On.....

It is one month since I had my switched on today and I must said that its have been very interesting but emotional. Everything that I have heard of before the implant I knew what it was suppose to sound like (only in the low pitches) I must remember that I had 25 years of experience wearing the hearing aids. All this may not mean anything now since I have the Implant............. but I won't think like that. Why?

All the trainings that I have had when growing up would paid off. I had speech therapy which didn't work out and often had me mam to be my speech therapy as she wasn't impressed with the staff at the time. (Good on ya mam!)

The training that I was talking about was something that me Mam used to do when I was a kid. A bedtime story that she used to read to me and my brother. I knew all the words of the story after Mam had read to us so many times. As she was reading the story, she quite often said few different words that doesn't belong to the story and I picked up on that and told her off. I bet she was just testing to see how much that I actually picked up.

Now I did that test again at the hearing therapy with my implant and I must admit that this training have paid off. I was given a book to follow the person who read it out and asked me where she has left it off to see if I was following her alright. Surely enough I did. I even told her that she didn't said one word that was written in the book. She was killing herself laughing thinking that I should be doing her job. Such a nice feeling.

I have now been given a book on tape so I could practice some more on speeches.

For one month, I have already had my 5th mapping and for this reason, I had my switch on before Christmas and the C.I Center was closed during the Holiday. I was given a regular tuning/mapping to update the sound that I was hearing. There were few tried and failed but at least we may have sorted the problem. (will let you know on that) Everytime I had my tuning, within few minutes after my tuning, the sound that was once loud and comfortable for me to hear had startled to disappeared within minutes. The audiology staff couldn't understand why this happened and rang up the company who made the Advacned Bionic for advice. I am one of the few people have this expereince. They suggested that I should have a wider range of frequencies and see if that will work. Let hope it will be better that will last longer.

Ya know I was telling the audiology about people talking about the beeping sound that they usually hear with the Pedestrian crossing traffic. Before I went into my 5th mapping, I didn't heard it and was wondering how it was sound. I knew it would make some sound. Now after the 5th mapping, I heard it. its quite loud and it had some little dong in between the higher frequency. I even heard the pram wheels rattles over the clobber stones. Took me a while to figured that out. Another sound was, I switched my mobile phone with sound on for a change and somehow the mobile phone was covered by paperwork that I was dealing with at the time. The phone went off. whoo whoo If only you could see the excitement on my face hearing new things. I still have a lot of work to do on speech without reading the visual words but that will come.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

Well its better be late than never eh! I have been busy having a little holiday before I get back to work. I have created this little movie for people who are special to me with their supports and the fun we have had. I hope you have enjoy the movie as much as I have. Any feedback are welcome! Mind you, I think we will hear more from Katie! mmm wonder why!