Monday, 18 May 2009

Meerkat has gone camping

Meerkat has gone camping in the countryside somewhere far, far away in the galaxy. I had no idea where I went to but I didn't care as long as I would enjoy myself. The weather forecast was a bit unsettle but then camping was all about "come rain or shine" Just let it be. So Meerkat went camping for two nights. As Giles and I prepared to put our tent up, all I could hear was this tweet tweet and chirping all day long. There were some other kind of sounds such as traffic, wind blowing, trees creaked, people walking or children laughter in the background. There wasn't many children while we were there but I have seen them playing about on their bikes.

Anyway, the new sound that I have came across. I was quite amazed that I heard this. I know I went camping for many years. I used to be the only Brownies in Scout cub (Back in the day, girls were not allow in Scout) Mucking about in the rain, singing at the campfire, doing games and so on. How I missed camping!

Well do you wanna know what I haven't heard before? Oh ok I'll tell you. ya know how people always said back in the days that they could tell how they knew the kettle have been boiled by some kind of whistle. Well, for the first time ever I actually got to hear it. I couldn't hear the water bubbling like I used to but that may be to do with my low pitches need tuning again. Isn't amazing that I could hear the kettle being boiled without the need of looking at the lights or switch? But of course you couldn't take the electric kettle to camping could you? This is a nice change for me. :D

Here are some pics from our camping weekend:

Happy Camping from the Meerkat and Mr Shirty!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Using phone with Cochlear Implant

Everyone is always asking how a person with a hearing loss will be able to use the telephone. Just that little word that scared the life out of us. "Would you phone a taxi? " "Phone? me? phone someone?" No way. Its impossible. I have been profoundly deaf most of my life and I relied on lipsreading. Never mind trying to listen to someone without lipsreading. How would I manage that?

For many years, I've managed to avoid using the phone and get someone to speak on my behalf but these days, noone would speak to that person on my behalf anymore for data protection legal reason. Me mam used to call the bank in the past and we had a lot of trouble to get someone to provide us a service we required.

Time went by and technology have improved. I have discovered this amazing product which its prefect for anyone who have hearing aids or cochlear implant. Any Brands! Advanced Bionic, Freedom or Med-le. Its work! All you have to do change your setting to T coil (loop system)

This product is called Geemarc Bluehook and it work just like any bluetooth we have seen everyday. Bluetooth ear peice we have seen driver who use it as handfree to have conversation via mobile phone. Like Bluetooth, this product can be use with mobile phone without attaching the wire to the phone. You set up your mobile phone to paired the bluehook together and you can use it forever as long you have the power switched on. You can also use it with computer/laptop. This idea came along to stop people using the direct lead to the computer that is plugged in to the main power and to avoid an electric shock. Get this product for around £50 at this website

So far, I have contacted my partner, me mam and friends, for ten minutes each. So each time with practice, I would improved myself to listen and learn how we communicate on the phone. I use this quite a lot and never went anywhere without it so I won't be out of reach incase anyone need to get in touch. Phone call is actually a lot quicker than typing sms. I use it to listen to music on my imac and noone else could hear what I am listening to. Great, eh?

Katie - Louise Bailey isn't confident on using the phone so I let her to try out my bluehook and see if she can have conversation while on the phone. I was using this to distracted her while I was taking pictures of her. I hope she will be growing with confident to be able to contact anyone with this.

At present, I am doing a project to promote Advanced Bionic in our everyday life and what we can hear, use, sport or music and whatever age we are. I want to photograph you. Please contact me to model for me.
Here are the rest of the images that I have done so far.

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