Thursday, 18 June 2009

AEGphotos photography Services

Some of you are wondering what kind of service my business, AEGphotos, provide. Well, I am happy to show you what I can do. Here are the sample:






If you are looking to capture your special moments, birthday party or any kind of photography, please contact me at

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Ear Foundation Newsletter

The Ear Foundation's Newsletter have finally came out and after all this time I have been working together with them, helping each others to raise the funds for the charity as well using my services in Photography. The beginning of my career have only just began!

Please click on the image to enlarge.

You can see more images of the Sound inspiring at
Now you seen my advert and I meant what I said about giving donation to deaf charity. If you know anyone who would like subtitles on your wedding, home video, etc then get in touch.

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Friday, 12 June 2009

Drive thru test

Last night I went out to Southampton to go to the movie to see Terminator 4 with my mate, Charlotte. I arrived at the train station, waiting for her to meet me and get to the cinema together. I thought we would not have time to get some food before we head off to cinema. Charlotte arrived in her car. She must have read my mind somehow thinking we may not get there on time by foot. So she drove along on the way to the cinema, we spotted the Mcdonald. I told her to go in there. I know Mcdonald is not healthy but its just a quick fix.

For many years, I won't have dream on going through the drive thru as I was always nervous about whether people would understand me. Not that I have a poor speech just that I often speak quiet or not pronouncing the word properly. I was used to go into the building and ordered over the counter. Face to face was the easy thing to do. It make sense for everyone who have the same problem as me.

We were short of time and we looked at each others deciding what to do. Over the counter or drive thru?

We decided to go drive thru. yay I heard you applauding me! Charlotte was in the driver seat and I was at the passengar side. As we drove up the til, roll down the window. The staff automatic look at the driver to get the order. I had to lean over for the staff to see me so he would know that I am the one who is taking the order. I gave him my order and he asked me if I want it medium or large. I answered medium (who would want to eat large!!) Giving the order and answering the questions was very quick. But did they get the order right? Surely enough they did!

So why was it in the past that I always get the wrong type of food or drink and now get everything spot on? Was it the fact my speech have improved?

It was pretty nice not to be nervous anymore. I know me mam tried to do it with me at one drive thru that have intercom. I think I panic on that and end up messing up the order so me mam had to take over. Will I be able to do this myself in future? Sure, why not?

By the way, we went to see Terminator 4 and we thought it was quite good as it make sense fitting the stories to Tr1, Tr2 and Tr3 althogether. Don't worry about some gap of the story, just use your imagination. Isn't that what a movie or a story is all about?

Use your imagination. be creative!

How do you find me?

As I have been looking at my google analtyics latest, I cannot help but laugh at what keywords that people have found me via google search.

Who on earth would type this and find my blog with these keywords:

1) neville the meerkat
2) meerkat wedding
3) the meerkats subtitulos
4) cochlear meerkat blogspot

Now come on then, step forward and show who you are.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hey Guys and Gals,

While I was in Manchester, trying to decide whether I should go for the cochlear implant, I contacted Steven Gunn through Contact Network. We met up and discussed about how his brand, Advanced Bionic work. Not wanting to take his word for it, he introduced me to the Manchester Cochlear Implant group for BBQ. There were quite handful of people who have 3 different types of cochlear Implant. This help me decide whether I should go for the cochlear implant myself. Later in the year, just when I just had my surgery, they invited me to come along and take some pictures of their Christmas lunch. One of the members contacted me after viewing the pictures that I took for the group, she asked if I would be interested to be part of the Newsletter about myself and my business. I was delighted to be take part and hope this will reach out to people who would be interesting, not only the cochlear implant but the new found service of subtitles that I do in my business.

So here is it.
Written by me and published in Resound Newsletter.

Please click on the image to enlarge. (won't want you to struggle to read!)

If you are in Manchester or NorthWest area and would like to join / meet the other people who have experience with Cochlear Implant please click on this link. You can find the PDF file of all previously newsletters. I hope you will find them useful.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

6th Months after the switch on

6th Months after the switch on

For those who have been waiting to hear about my 6th months review. It have been an interesting 3 months since I last had my tuning in Manchester in March. I had a lot of trouble with transferring from Manchester to Southampton as I was moving down south with Giles. Although I did noticed that my low pitches were a bit down and tried to contacted the Southampton to arrange an appointment but Manchester did not send the transfer form to them. I did not know why but I went to complain to Manchester and demand that they would get this fixed out. Thankfully, they have sent the disc to Southampton and arranged an appointment for my 6th months reviewing.

Anyway, after I have looked at the hearing graph and compared the previous graphs. I was right. My low pitches have fainted away. I was a little disappointed with this as I was trying to get this fixed out before my 6th month review but what can I do? Anyway this is my result.

The tests was interesting enough and I was amazed that my lipreading skill and listening together have improved up to 81% from 76%and non lipreading 7 listening have increased 64% from 52% and noisey background which I have not done before is 32% . In all these tests, I was listening for the words and context for me to be able to follow what was being said. It was kinda different from Manchester because I was in a room by myself looking at the window but could not see through it as it was black. A person could see me from another room. It was kinda scary. I was to listen to the sentences and repeat them all as much as I can. Few of them I couldn't understand but I said what I think it was being said.

I was told that my next appointment will be in 6 months. I don't think so!!! I will notice my low pitch will decreased again like it did at the beginning and I will get that sound level nice and smooth. I will get this fixed out.

It is really dificult to know what is the loudest of a single beep even though I knew the difference between the low and high pitch. But what is the loudest? The staff said that I would find it like a headaches. I think I need to contact the clinic again and get this sort out. I was there for over 2hrs and I was shattered to be bother to do more tests. I will let you know how I got on.