Saturday, 19 December 2009

New Manda

I have learned my mistakes and I willing to move on to a better life. I am sorting out few bits and bobs. If I have lost some friends along the way then I am sorry for whatever the reason that may be. It have been a tough year. A very confusing year I must say.

I'm glad that I got to travel and meet new people. A chance to improve my photography and a way to promote myself to others who may be interesting. I'm glad that I got to meet somewhat a family that I did not know exist. They have welcome me into their family and they have invited me to come along for Xmas.

Here me, after my trip in New Zealand, I have calmed down and thinking things more. I am gonna choose things very carefully on what I will do next.

Whatever you choose, choose life. Seek the challenge and never give up.

New Manda is back in town and she will fight back!

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funnyoldlife said...

Sounds good! I never give up either. It would be too easy and then I would just be mad at myself. Hang in there! :D